Promaster Van Conversion Prelude – Purchasing & Planning in Sketchup

~ By JonnyPublished May 5, 2017

Her name is Moose

We finally made the jump and got the van! After years of dreaming alone, years of dreaming together, we finally pulled together and bought a brand new hightop Dodge Promaster van to convert. It’s definitely been a little scary making the leap financially, but in the end it has worked out almost more perfectly than we could have imagined, and we are incredibly excited for the future.

The details…

  • 2014 Dodge Promaster 2500 (based on the Fiat Ducato)
  • 44,000km
  • 159″ wheelbase
  • 3.7L V6, FWD
  • Rear windows only, we cut in our own sliding door window from JRLawrence Windows in Calgary
  • Interior Dimensions – Approximately 6’2″ W, 6’2″ H, 12′ L

The Plan…

Convert it! The main goal is essentially a 2-stage conversion. Stage 1 (a more affordable conversion) is to build the van out for the next ~3 years on a bit of a budget, and incorporating features for our daughter who is 12 this year, and who will be joining us on many of our adventures.

After a few years, we will be rebuilding portions of the van for the longer term. This will include a small shower, full propane hookups, hot water, and higher end electrical systems, among many other additions.

The initial build out will have the following features

  • 100W Solar / 75 AH AGM battery (soon to be doubled upgraded to 200W/225AH)
  • Hand pump water faucet w/ 25L fresh water tank
  • 15″ sink w/ 25L grey water tank
  • Queen size bed frame over the garage w/ foam mattress
  • DIY Composting toilet (to be blogged later!)
  • 6 LED lights, switches, etc, and a set of strip lights.
  • 12V iceless cooler
  • Garage
  • Cedar paneling
  • Maxxair Fan
  • JRLaurence aftermarket window for the passenger side sliding door

Stay tuned for more info as we build out the van!

One thought on “Promaster Van Conversion Prelude – Purchasing & Planning in Sketchup

  1. Hi guys. My wife & I were happy to come across your posts this morning. Nice job! We’re doing some serious thinking on doing a project like this, as last time we did it (~42 years ago1) it worked out great. Now we need the high roof. Have you more info available on your project? We live in Calgary also, so that’s a plus – as you said, it’s been tweaked for our climate.

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