The Cleaver & Dome Glacier, Rogers Pass

The Cleaver on the Dome Glacier is a classic ski tour in the Asulkan valley of Rogers Pass. Somewhat North and East facing, this long run often shelters much better snow than other aspects in the area.

It’s Christmas up here
Beautiful light on ascend to the Dome
Ascending the upper mousetrap

This trip featured some perfect turns in an amazing zone with a big group of friends. The skiing was so good, we ended up going back a second day to ski the same lines a second time. This feature also provides access to the classic powder pillow line “mushroom people” on the same aspect.

To access, ski up asulkan creek from Wheeler hut, and then ascend the mousetrap on the right-hand side to the upper bench. From here, head right around the large “cleaver” feature directly ahead. You will come to a large open bowl that can be ascended to a col between two humps known as the Dome Glacier.

The Cleaver and perfect light in Rogers Pass
Topping out on the Dome Glacier. Sapphire Col in the distance.
Ascending the Cleaver
Perfect day above the clouds in Rogers Pass

From here, a 1000m+ run leads you back to Asulkan Creek. Truly a perfect area to make some turns on often perfect snow. Not a great option for high avi danger due to objective hazard in the mousetrap, but is likely a good option if overhead hazard isn’t a huge risk.

Yes, Paul is wearing a bunny suit
Ascending the Cleaver
Avalanche and Eagle Peak guard the Easter Rim of the valley
Topping out on the Dome Glacier
Perfect Pow back to Asulkan Creek
Heaven awaits

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